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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hello! :)

I never imagined I would become a blogger but seeing as how I am going to be in the office for 12 hours today with not much to do, I figured I would give it a try! SO here's a little about me! Thomas and I were married on April 16 of this year and I never imagined being married would be so amazing!! We are managing a sales office out here in Salt Lake City for Platinum Protection and it is awesome! Thomas is an amazing manager and the hardest worker I have ever known. Before the summer started, I had no idea how much hard work it would be! But is is totally worth it! It has taught me a lot about being completely UNSELFISH by helping and not complaining (like when Thomas doesn't get home till midnight). I love planning activities for the office and I can't wait till it starts to warm up so we can have some major fun! Today I am working as the Office Assistant because the usual OA (Emily) is at a wedding all day. We have so many great people in this office and so many friends! I am so glad things are turning out the way they are!


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