The Shaffer Family

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Thomas, Isaac, and I have been living in Texas since the beginning of January, and can I just say that we LOVE it! We love our apartment, we love our ward, and we love the area that we live in. The people here are so hospitable and welcoming, we are amazed!

Thomas' business is going great. He is currently the only employee of TCell Technologies. He sells and installs security systems! This job has really been a blessing to us. Starting the business was WAY easier than we anticipated, and it took very little money to start, which was definitely a plus! The company is already profitable. Thomas is loving such a "cush" job. He doesn't need to work nearly as hard to make the same amount that we were previously making, so he will hang out at home with Isaac and I for half the week. This is really nice for him. I'm sure he will get bored soon however, and start working like a crazy man. He can't help it.

Isaac is now 7 months old, and I swear gets cuter by the hour. He has 2 teeth and a smile that melts my heart. He is always smiling at everyone. People always comment on what a happy baby he is! I have very slowly started him on baby food, and he is still trying to get the hang of it. Some days he gobbles it up and others I can't get him to take one bite! I am having a wonderful time homemaking the baby food, however! I have made sweet potatoes, apples, and butternut squash. I was able to make about a month's worth of food for under $3. Making baby food is SO much cheaper and healthier for Isaac. I feel comfortable giving him food that I know has no additives and is completely fresh!

I still have 10 pounds of baby weight that I am trying to get off, so I have been eating healthier and less. When I heard that you need to eat 500 extra calories a day while nursing, I really kinda went crazy with this. Food has always been a huge weakness of mine. I LOVE FOOD. I love food all the time whether I am hungry or not. I will eat beyond full. I just love the way it tastes, and I love every food. So for the past 7 months I have not tried to hold back in any way. I still ate semi-healthy, but I ate A LOT. I actually gained 5 pounds. So now I have been eating only when I am hungry, and normal portions. I have also been buying organic everything (so pricey, it kills me), and eating a lot of fruits and veggies. Thomas and I drink a green drink every day. Yuck. Anyways, I have lost about 5 pounds, so it's working. :)

I have been reading many parenting books, I have been budgeting (we are doing Dave Ramsey's envelope program)- we are also completely debt free except for our house, YIPEE! I have also been reading and researching about homeschool. I have always wanted to homeschool my children, and have always been reasearching it. I feel that parents are a child's best teacher and really respect mothers who take the time to teach their children each day. It seems like a lot of work, but I am commited to do it if it is the right thing for my family. I don't need to be decided on it for a few years, but until then I am going to learn all I can about it so I can make the right decision!

Life is amazing, and my family and I have been SO blessed. I couldn't imagine my life any better right now. :)