The Shaffer Family

Friday, March 4, 2011

Raw food diet and Consignment sale!

For the month of March, Thomas and I are doing a health challenge with our stake. We are supposed to be healthier for 30 days. So we decided last minute to try a raw food diet, and let me tell you- it is KILLING me. We have only been doing it for 4 days. My body is craving anything that is NOT fruits or vegetables. Yesterday I was strong and didn't give into my Taco Bell craving, but today I did :( haha. No big deal, though. We are supposed to have 70% raw food and then the other 30% whatever we want (I imagine it is still supposed to be healthy though, not Taco Bell). I have noticed that it is getting a little bit better each day, though. We also have other goals, like drinking more water (Thomas), exercising (me), etc. I am hoping by the end of March I will have lost my last 10 pounds.

Today we went to a HUGE consignment sale, and it was awesome! There was so much baby stuff, it was hard for me not to buy it all. However, I did buy 12 shirts, 4 pants, 1 pajama, and a swimming suit for Isaac for only $40! They are really cute, and a few haven't even been worn before. I am so happy that we went!! :)