The Shaffer Family

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I have now been to like 5 dealerships looking for Civics and they are all gone!! If I want one I have to order one and it wouldn't get here till sometime in September. Which isn't a problem, since I am in no rush! But I have also been running into a LOT of Accords, and they are starting to tempt me with their big roomie front and back seats! The dealerships have every kind of Accord in every color too! SO I wouldn't have to guess which color I want and then order it and hope I like it! I can also test drive them, and they still get great gas mileage! I am thinking whether I get a Civic or an Accord I am going to want silver.



Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ok Thomas wasn't too thrilled about me putting this video on here but he is ok with it! I filmed this I think sometime in January before we were married. He is so funny and cute!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Something other than work...

I am finally going on vacation this weekend! I am SO EXCITED! I am especially excited because it is with Thomas' family! They are flying in from Pennsylvania and we are all going to Bear Lake for a few days. Thomas will only be there for one or two days, but it is still going to a blast! His family is so fun and sweet! :) Thomas and I are going to spend Christmas in PA with them and I am excited for that too!
Right now I am in the market for a new car, AND a new home! I went to a Honda dealership today, looking for a Civic. They were all sold out! I guess because of the gas prices right now Honda Civics are in high demand. SO I might have to put one on back order. With the home situation, Thomas and I are looking at buying a townhome in Pleasant Grove. It is brand new, and 1600 square feet! And seeing as how it is a buyers market right now, we can get it at a GREAT price! We are planning on moving in the beginning of October! I am so excited to buy our first home! And a new car!!

Kind of Almost Done!

So just as I thought that the summer was over and I would have my husband all to myself, Thomas was asked to manage an extension office for the company! Although I am getting a little burnt out with all this security stuff, I am REALLY excited to manage the extension! It is only for an extra month, and there is really good money in it. It will be a whole bunch of new guys, so it will be a nice change!